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Menangi Voucher Baskin Robbins di JoyfulBrides.com

Menangi Voucher Baskin Robbins dengan 3 langkah mudah!

1. Register sebagai Lifetime FREE Member di sini.

2. Klik ‘Like‘ di laman Facebook kami di sini.

3. Emelkan gambar anda bersama pasangan pengantin yang paling romantik dan dapatkan ‘Like’ terbanyak di laman Facebook kami!!!

Terma Dan Syarat.

  • Terbuka kepada semua Warganegara Malaysia.
  • Anda mestilah memenuhi 3 langkah di atas untuk melayakkan anda menyertai peraduan ini.
  • Setiap orang layak untuk 1 penyertaan sahaja.
  • Emelkan gambar anda ke contest@joyfulbrides.com berserta nama penuh, nama pasangan pengantin dan alamat profil Facebook.
  • Gambar anda akan dipaparkan di laman facebook kami untuk anda mendapatkan ‘Like’ dari rakan-rakan anda.
  • Kami akan memilih 3 gambar yang mempunyai ‘Like’ terbanyak sebagai pemenang.
  • Keputusan juri adalah muktamad.
  • Tempoh tamat peraduan pada 15 Julai 2011.
  • Pemenang akan diumumkan melalui laman Facebook kami pada 16 Julai 2011.
  • Sebarang pertanyaan atau maklumbalas boleh dibuat ruangan komen di bawah.



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Ekspo Kahwin KL 2011, 1st – 3rd July 2011

DATE: 1-3 Julai
TIME: 10am – 10pm
VENUE: Wangsa Walk Mall (Central & East Atrium)

C01 (Bintang Hati)
C02 (Yeob Catering)
C03 (Firefoxstudio)
C04 (Quntum Chantek Wedding Boutique)
C05 (Warisan Bonda Catering & Event Services)
C06 (Arnie Creations)
C07 (Yeob Catering)
C08 (Tujuh Aura Impian)
C09 (Tujuh Aura Impian)
C10 (Warisan Bonda Catering & Event Services)
C11 (Rias Chanteq Bridal Gallery)
C12 (Aspirasi Kad Kahwin)
C13 (Warisan Bonda Catering & Event Services)
C14 (Beluncas Photography)
E01 (Pesona Canopy & Catering)
E02 (Angel Cupid Kitchen)
E03 (Tag Photography)
E04 (Precious Events Ent.)
E05 (Amazon)
E06 (Vogue Wedding)
E07 (Artchetak)
E08 (D’snapshot Photography)
E09 (Amazon)
E10 (Vogue Wedding)
E11 (Erins N Erinas Sequins)
E12 (Potopoyo Image)
E13 (Erins N Erinas Sequins)
E14 (Safasdotcom)
E15 (Arunamaya Cameraworks)
E16 (BMP – Beautiful Moment Photography)

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How it looks like?

Hello! We received inquiry from some of the hoteliers asking about the difference in appearance at the category view if they upgrade from FREE listing to paid listing. Below is the snap shot of the page. For example, One World Hotel appear with logo on the side and the background is in grey color.

CLICK HERE to see how One World Hotel listed in the directory.

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Latest Listing Updates: One World Hotel

One World Hotel eases the hassle of wedding planning with our catering professionals attending to all your needs to ensure you the peace of mind that everything will be taken care of with flair. Be it a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western themed or garden wedding, we have the wedding packages to suit your needs and budget.

Whether your wedding is for 450 or 2000, our pillar-less Imperial Ballroom that spans over 3100 sq metres is partition-able into three rooms to cater to your every need.

From breathtaking décor to delicious cuisine, your walk down the aisle at One World Hotel will truly be a memorable one, both for you and your guests. A wedding reception at One World Hotel will be the ideal wedding with a unique experience put together.

One World Wedding Packages for 15 tables, 35 tables, 70 tables and 100 tables are priced from RM1588++ per table of 10. If you desire a more unique wedding menu and decorations; or even a garden wedding, special wedding packages can be tailored to your needs.

For more information on list of services offered by One World Hotel, please visit the link below.

One World Hotel @ JoyfulBrides.com

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Pameran Pengantin Malaysia 2011


Bridal Boutique, Wedding Planner, Decorator, Fashion Designer, Catering & canopy services, wedding cards, photographer, videographer, gifts, cakes, furniture, beauty & health, banquet hall


  • Wedding Demonstration with brides, kompang, silat, dancers
  • Fashion show
  • Make up demonstration
  • Make up Contest
  • Traditional Music Performance
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